Friday, September 21, 2012

Early mornings suck

I woke up at 4:45 this morning, and that really sucks, especially on a Friday.

Anyways, work was okay and it went by fast, but by the end of my shift I was majorly iffed

While I work I try my best to keep a clean work space, the cleaner the space is, the easier it is for me to focus on getting out everyone's orders. It's as simple as that. So I have my little system going, the minute it gets too messy I start getting frazzled, so I'll take a quick second to clean up my space and the move on to my next drinks, no big deal.

Well, I have this shift lead, and though we are friendly, I really don't enjoy working the same shifts with him. So this morning we had to work together, it's not a big deal, like I said, we're friendly. But today I just wanted to slap him.

We're super busy, and I'm doing my thing at the bar, turning out drinks left and right, and he decides he wants to help me make some drinks so we go a bit faster. But for whatever reason, this lead can not for the life of him clean up after himself, which makes more work for me.  He did this throughout the day, and for whatever reason he always did it right after I would clean up my area. It is just so irritating!

I am just happy that the day is over..


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