Monday, February 10, 2014

Book Review Monday: Sellevision By Augusten Burroughs

A dark comedy about the scandalous life behind the scenes of a QVC type network.
received this book as part of gift from my friend Karina, she said it was one of her favorite books and thought I might like it. It was written by Augusten Burroughs, the author behind Running With Scissors (a favorite of mine), so I figured it was worth a shot.

The book follows the lives of  4 hosts of the QVC type network, Sellevision. Max Andrews, who gets fired after he scandalized the network by accidentally showing his Junk on National Television. Peggy Jean Smythe, the top host of the network who starts receiving mysterious stalker-type emails from a fan. Bebe Friedman, whom probably gets the lightest storyline in whole book, a older single host looking for love while trying to hide a shopping addiction. And Leigh Bushmoore a younger a newer host at the network who is having an affair with her boss.

This was very easy read, though dealing with very dark themes it had just the right amount of humor to keep it light.

I would have to say that my least favorite story line was that of Peggy Jean Smythe. I found that everytime I got to her parts of the book, I'd flip ahead to see how much longer it'd be until I got to someone else. Zoe, her stalker, who turned out to be her son, made it somewhat better. But as a character I simply just loathed Peggy. I was actually kind of happy about some of the things that happened to her, like her growing dependency on alcohol and medication. When she finally had her nervous breakdown, I was quite pleased.  Yes, I'm a terrible person.

I was really disappointed about Leigh not having a more prominent part in the book. She's having an affair with her boss! There was so much more that could have happened with that and didn't! But props to her for sticking it to the man and coming out with the affair on national television as both he and his wife watched from home.

Bebe was kind of boring, even though she was likable. I was glad that she got her happy ending, but the brief moment in the middle of the book ,where she suspects her new boyfriend might just be her long lost brother, seemed really unnecessary. I didn't like that her shopping addiction was kind of glossed over, it was just kind of there.

But Max, I loved Max. His storyline saved the book. His fall from grace though tragic was quite entertaining for me. Poor guy couldn't catch a break, but I did love that he found a place for himself in the Adult Film Industry by making fun of his previous profession in a gay film parody of Sellevison.

Altogether this was a fun read. If you want something light and funny to read, try this one out.
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    1. He was really the most interesting out of the bunch! I really just wanted to get to his parts as fast as I could.

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