Friday, February 14, 2014

My Top Literary Romances

Ah yes, it's Valentine's day. Of course I don't have any plans because i'm perpetually single, so I thought I could tell you about my favorite couples from some of my favorite books.
 Now this list wont be in any particular order, just in the order that they pop up into my head. So lets get to it!

Marco & Celia-The Night Circus
Oh my god you guys, talk about an epic romance! Seriously, I was shipping these two before they even got together, which didn't happen until more then half-way through the book. First, they were meant to be rivals in some crazy magician duel, then ended up falling in love because adorbs. Of course there are consequences because of this, which they ultimately end up having to face. But their love, it's just so perfect and it kept me in a daze for months. Did I mention the backdrop of this is an awesome magical old timie circus?  If you haven't read this, pick it up.

Eleanor & ParkEleanor & Park
These two don't seem to be a typical couple, but they bring on the high school love feels. They're both misfits with their own problems, but when they were together they could leave that all behind momentarily. I loved how real this couple seemed, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows but something a bit more raw and authentic. And just to throw it out there, this one takes place in the '80's. Nuff said.

Tristan & Yvaine- Stardust
So one is a star and the other one meant to capture to give to his crush. Of course things don't turn out the way they were suppose to and they fall for each other on their journey back to his hometown. Throw some magic in to the mix, lots of bickering, evil witches and princes trying to kill you at every turn, and then you have a solid match. This one has a movie that's good too!

Hazel & Augustus- The Fault in Our Stars
Teens with cancer that fall in love...dawww. No but seriously, while reading this story I could not stop myself from crying every 20 minutes. But these two were beyond sweet and I'm super looking forward to the movie, but i'm taking like 20 boxes of tissues.

This was all I could think of at the moment, except for Batman and Catwoman, who will get there on post in due time.  So Happy Valentine's Day and leave comments below with your top literary romances!

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