Sunday, April 12, 2015

Today I Feel Sad

I have no reason to be sad at the moment, but the feeling remains. There seemed to be nothing to do about it, so here I blog.

What does a person do to feel unsad if they have nothing in particular to be sad over? Are there ways to cope for that? It just feels odd to me.

Usually if your sad there's a reason, and then you either fix the problem and get over it or just deal and cope. But I've got nothing.

Perhaps, writing this will help me. But so far it's making me think I'm just back at the sad whiny teenager phase. Believe me, I don't want to be sad, I just woke up like this (leave the beyonce jokes at a minimum, thanks).

Maybe I need to focus on things to look forward to... I'm going to dinner tonight with my family and boyfriend, they're finally getting that one on one thing after about 7 months of us dating? Is that overdue? Maybe, I don't know.

We're having Italian. I can drown myself in a bowl of pasta, that'll be good right?

I don't know.

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